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      "She has outgrown this work," I insisted.

      "Madam,"--my cap went higher, my head lower--"I never bet."

      Cuthbert S.

      It was determined that the evening would be quite early enough to go to the theatre, and so the party did not start until after seven o'clock. They secured a box at one side of the auditorium, where they could see the stage and the audience at the same time. When you go to the play in a strange land, the audience is frequently quite as interesting a study as the performance, and sometimes more so. In no country is this more truly the case than in Japan. But it was agreed that Fred should give the account of the play, and so we will listen to him. Here is his story:

      The Doctor explained that the hole was a cask set in the ground, and that it probably contained liquid manure. The Japanese use it for enriching their fields. They keep it in these holes, covered with a slight roof to prevent its evaporation as much as possible, and they spread it around where wanted by means of buckets. The great drawback to a walk in a Japanese field is the frequency of the manure deposits, as the odor arising from them is anything but agreeable. Particularly is this so in the early part of the season, when the young plants require a great deal of attention and nourishment. A nose at such times is an organ of great inconvenience."Lieutenant, she guessed! She must have just put two and two together and guessed! Or else, Lieutenant,--"




      "I think you know Lieutenant Durand?" asked the General, with a quizzical eye.


      I wish you would not call it dressings-up, Mamma, she said. You know perfectly well that they are vestments. They all signify something: they have a spiritual meaning.As regards size, he said, perhaps you will come up and have a look at my books again, and get a guide from them.