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      "The gentleman seems to have something on his mind," grinned Shorty. "Mebbe his dinner didn't set well."Si whistled softly to himself as he watched the Wisconsin boys. They were hitching and twisting their shoulders about, evidently enjoying the friction of the clothing upon their skins. There was a general employment of fingers, and often one would be seen getting come other fellow to scratch his back around where he couldn't reach himself. If everybody was too busy to do this for him he would back up to a tree and rub up and down against the bark.

      "That blamed old rebel picture oughtn't to be hangin' there, Si," observed Shorty.

      "Well it's more than I would have done. Why didn't you ride a hoss?""All right," he laughed. "If I'm pinched for swiping chickens you'll have to clear me!"

      The next morning work was resumed with industry stimulated by reports of the unusual things being done by the other companies.

      "And the inside?" said Pen.



      Along towards evening Si struck a section of old corduroy road through a piece of swamp. The passage of the artillery and wagons had left the road in a wretched condition. The logs were lying at all points of the compass, or drifting vaguely about in the mire, while here and there were seas of water and pits of abysmal depth.


      "Shorty, if we only git out o' this" but Si found he hadn't any wind to spare to finish the sentence. We must leave to the reader's imagination the good resolutions as to his future conduct that were forming in Si's mind at this critical juncture. He saw the awful consequences of yielding to the influence of that alluring young woman and her seductive dinner. What he had read about Adam and the trouble Eve got him into, in pretty much the same way, flashed before him. It was a good time to resolve that he wouldn't do so any more.It was yet light when they finished their supper, filled their pipes, and adjusted themselves for a comfortable smoke. One of the men came back and said: