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      Her bosom heaved, and the blood rushed to her face. She rose, and moved away from him. She could bear to talk of his marriage in the abstract, but when it came to the actual woman, she felt the steel driven home.

      Certainly not, my lady, he said. We will put it down. If at any time your ladyship should want anything, we shall be happy to send one of our young men down to Deepdale.I am glad we are rich, Varley, she said.

      And Varley, as he watched her, would set his teeth hard and want to cry aloud, too, but with a very different feeling. His heart overran with hate for the man who had taken this beautiful[288] child-woman and broken her heart. Once, as they thus rode, he said to her:

      If any of yer had got a spark of human kindness inside yer hides, youd offer a man a drink, he remarked in a voice of suggestive huskiness.

      How do you do, my dear? she inquired, and she looked at the fresh loveliness of the young face with a growing surprise and astonished admiration.


      Have you been down to Belfayre lately, Traff? he asked.



      Oh, but you must be, my dear, though you dont know it. Go into that room and take your things off. And by the time you come back well have some tea.Here, in Rome, the heat was more oppressive, and the splashing of the city's many fountains was the only relief from the glare and dazzle of the piazzas, the whiteness of the[Pg 320] great blocks of houses in the new streets and boulevards. Blinds were lowered, and shops were shut, in the blinding noontide heat, and through the early afternoon the eternal city was almost as silent and reposeful as the sleeping beautyto awaken at sundown to movement, and life, and music, and singing, in lighted streets and crowded cafes.