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      She fell asleep asking herself the question, and she woke the next morning with the question still unanswered. It was rather later than her usual hour when she emerged from the hut and stood, with her hand shading her eyes, looking down at the camp, which was already in the full swing of its daily work. She usually ran round before breakfast to see her horse, and to take it a slice of bread and a piece of sugar; but this morning she stood still at the door of the hut and looked dreamily about her, the horse forgotten for the first time.

      As I wrote and told you, Lilias, nothing is settled, he said, gravely; and Lilias smiled, as Lord Selvaine had done.

      "It was really not a breach of faith. I gave her full permission to go. I was getting just a little tired of her fussi[Pg 92]ness. She was not my old servant, you know, Martin. I had not been used to her all my life, as you have."

      I am continually mistaking you for the bride, Lady Wyndover, he said; and, really, this has been so successful a performance that I am almost tempted to arrange a repetition for my own benefit. Would you be very much shocked if I were to propose to you after they have all gone?

      CHAPTER XIII.Tho doctor went back to his wife, with whom he always discussed everything, except purely professional mattersthere were even occasions when he could not refrain from enlarging upon the interesting features of some very pretty caseand was enthusiastic in his praise of Colonel Disney.


      "Pray let me take you to the house," said a voice close beside her, a man's voicelow and deep, and with the accents of refinement.


      Nor is it, said Lady Wyndover. It is only in the next streetMount Street.