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      consciences will allow. Pretend that you are awful sick of

      "I never wuz subject to the 'buck fever,'" he muttered to himself, "and I won't allow myself to be now. I remember jest how Gineral Jackson told his men to shoot down to New Orleans. I'm going to salt one o' them fellers as sure as my name's Josiah Klegg."

      "Thought you had some sand," remarked Shorty contemptuously. "Well, then, here's 25 cents on the five-spot, and 25 cents on the deuce," and he placed shin-plasters on the numbers. "Now, throw them dice straight, and no fingerin'. I'm watchin' you."The canteens were soon filled, and, with out stopping to drink. Si and Shorty hurried back to their post of duty. All was quiet, and no harm had resulted from their brief absence.

      "Just the same I must go," said Pen. "Will you give me the money?""This Tennessee mud sticks closer'n a 0 mortgage to a 40-acre tract," sighed Si, as he stopped beating and brushing his blouse and pantaloons.

      "Will you swear 2 always love a nigger as a man & a brother, until death do you part, & aid & comfort all them who are tryin 2 git away from slavery?" axed the Sergeant.


      "Gi' me that cartridge," he said to the man next to him, who had just bitten off the end of one; "I can't do it."



      "Confound it!" snorted Shorty, "why in thunder don't they move us out, and give us something to do? This is hell standin' here listenin'."