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      The Comtesse dAdhmar, who held a post in the Queens household, received one day a note from the Duchesse de Polignac, Governess of the Children of France, asking her to go with her to consult a fortune-teller of whom every one was talking. For many persons who declined to believe in God were ready and eager to put confidence in witchcraft, fortune-telling, spiritualism, or any other form of occult proceedings."And you don't mind leaving Trelasco?"

      Wont you have some bread and butter? asked Lady Wyndover: or perhaps youd like some cake.Traffords brow contracted, and his teeth clinched tightly.

      "A little. Ah, Martin, I love you so much."

      Tabitha was in the window, working with scissors and sponge at one of the flower-boxes. Never an aphid was allowed to rest on Tabitha's roses or geraniums. She gave a little cry of mixed alarm and delight as she saw that stalwart figure come between her and the sunshine.

      "They will make the room too lovely," she cried; "and they will tell everybody of your far-away travels. I can never thank you half enough for all these treasures."


      Lord Trafford sighed again. All this was a truism which he had learned in his cradle.She felt it would be churlish to refuse shelter so earnestly offered.


      He sat up, with sudden interest.They waited and listened. There was certainly more noise in the streets, something was evidently going on; but there was no attack upon any of the prisons; on the contrary, it was the gaolers who were undoubtedly alarmed. Their whole tone and manner changed from brutal insolence to civility and indulgence. When evening approached they were running about from one room to another with looks of dismay, while the terror of the prison spies was uncontrolled.


      "Nearly a year and a half; ever since my marriage, with just one interval on the Continent before Martin went to India."