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      The very amusements of this pious community were acts of religion. Thus, on the fte-day of St. Joseph, the patron of New France, there was a show of fireworks to do him honor. In the forty volumes of the Jesuit Relations there is but one pictorial illustration; and this represents the pyrotechnic contrivance in question, together with a figure of the Governor in the act of touching it off. [20] 161 But, what is more curious, a Catholic writer of the present day, the Abb Faillon, in an elaborate and learned work, dilates at length on the details of the display; and this, too, with a gravity which evinces his conviction that squibs, rockets, blue-lights, and serpents are important instruments for the saving of souls. [21] On May-Day of the same year, 1637, Montmagny planted before the church a May-pole surmounted by a triple crown, beneath which were three symbolical circles decorated with wreaths, and bearing severally the names, Iesus, Maria, Ioseph; the soldiers drew up before it, and saluted it with a volley of musketry. [22][45] These facts are gathered here and there from Champlain, Sagard, Bressani, and the Jesuit Relations prior to 1650. Of the Jesuits, Brbeuf is the most full and satisfactory. Lafitau and Charlevoix knew the Huron institutions only through others.

      De Monts was at court, striving for a renewal of his monopoly. His efforts failed; on which, with great spirit but little discretion, he resolved to push his enterprise without it. Early in the spring of 1610, the ship was ready, and Champlain and Pontgrave were on board, when a violent illness seized the former, reducing him to the most miserable of all conflicts, the battle of the eager spirit against the treacherous and failing flesh. Having partially recovered, he put to sea, giddy and weak, in wretched plight for the hard career of toil and battle which the New World offered him. The voyage was prosperous, no other mishap occurring than that of an ardent youth of St. Malo, who drank the health of Pontgrave with such persistent enthusiasm that he fell overboard and was drowned.

      Why did no one tell us?Generous girl! she exclaimed, who would not gladly serve a maiden fair as Aphrodite and blooming as Artemis?

      [9] Often, especially among the Iroquois, the internal arrangement was different. The scaffolds or platforms were raised only a foot from the earthen floor, and were only twelve or thirteen feet long, with intervening spaces, where the occupants stored their family provisions and other articles. Five or six feet above was another platform, often occupied by children. One pair of platforms sufficed for a family, and here during summer they slept pellmell, in the clothes they wore by day, and without pillows.

      PURPOSES OF THE JESUITS.Megas! exclaimed Sthenelus, The dyer without a work-shop ... yes, by Zeus, I know him. Hes a man of strict Spartan mannersalways goes plainly dressed and bare-footed.... But when this pattern of manly sobriety meets his companions at night there isI swear to youno infamy that is not committed. To me that Megas is detestable.

      How is his wife, who was so ill after the birth of her last child?

      Justice.But there was a witness.



      [11] Le Jeune, Relation, 1636, 153, 154 (Cramoisy).


      It will be a hard task, he said.[169] Zenobe Membr in Le Clerc, ii. 202.