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      Esmeralda was placed on the dukes right, and his grace exerted himself to entertain the two ladies as he had not done[133] for years; but after awhile he devoted himself to Esmeralda. He could see her loveliness more distinctly in the soft candle-light, and the Belfayres were quick to appreciate feminine beauty. He noticed, as Lilias had done, the sweetness and clearness of her voice, and her unconventional frankness and candor charmed him. She was not awed for a moment by her surroundingsas it must be confessed Lady Wyndover wasand she talked freely. Trafford heard his fathers rare laugh more than once, and once he saw his grace bend forward, and lay his hand upon Esmeraldas.I do not know.

      No one watching them would have suspected them of being anything more than old friends; indeed, Traffords words and manner were markedly reserved.He does not seem to understand in the very least, said Trafford.

      Yes. You were right to keep your mouth shut in the saloon, said Varley; and, as you say, we will take a hand in it. Its no business of Three Star to provide a police force for the protection of the Ballarat Coaching Companys old Noahs ark, but well do it this once, just to spoil Dogs Ears fun. Wheres this said mare, William?

      Then he dashed forward, and snatching one of the huge coach-lamps from its socket, held it above his head and peered up in the darkness.

      Im almost glad of that, said Trafford; because you cant go to-morrow. I want you, and cant spare you, at any rate, until the evening.

      He dealt out the letters with a remark more or less facetious accompanying each; then, when the distribution was complete, placed the bundle gingerly on the table in front of Varley Howard.


      I am not cold, said Esmeralda. The blood was dancing through every vein. She stood in the center of the room, bold upright.


      Esmeralda had not left London since her arrival there with Mr. Pinchook, and the thought of leaving its smoky atmosphere filled her with delight. As they left the grimy town she looked from her window with eager pleasure, and when the green fields took the place of the crowded streets, she drew a long breath, and exclaimed:Mr. Pinchook gave a little start of surprise, then got up and bowed.


      I dont know anything about it; I dont think so.Why? asked Esmeralda again.